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Man on a Bench  (After a workout, a man needs a rest!)

This is a new series of uniquely colored sports figure paintings. Whatever the sport, you are sure to find the perfect gift for your favorite sports fans and athletes.

Watercolors by Barbara Rosenzweig

You may have noticed that I use a mingling technique to create shadows on many of my flowers and beach paintings. However, nowhere is this process more evident than in my Sports Series.  To create this "Mingling" effect, I put the first color down and, before it dries, quickly clean my brush, load it with another color, and lightly bring the edge of the brush to gently touch the previous color.  This process continues until the shadow or form is complete.  I get to watch the magic begin as the paints blend to form wonderful patterns and colors!  I became so fascinated with this process and its wonderful results, that I created the entire series of sports paintings using ONLY the Mingling technique.

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